Morning Meditations July 14th, 2016 2:48 AM

Scott_Rainy Night-Im going to get some Frosted Flakes, I wish they were as good for me as they taste…
-When Harambee the Gorilla was shot in Cincinnati, those who were in charge of the zoo where it happened said they would do everything they could to ensure that something that terrible would never again.  I have an attitude that in this zoo called America, gorilla lives matter more than black ones do.
-I wonder if I’m reckless for having three songs from Chance The Rapper’s “Coloring Book” in my gospel playlist?  Pretty sure that I don’t care if I am…the praises from those trying to get their lives together are just as valuable to God as the ones from those who have their lives together.
-Yesterday, I heard a song that I loved back in the 8th Grade being played on the “Oldies R&B” radio station.  Too bad all of my middle school classmates are getting old…
-I wish more of our churches would appreciate the importance of their ministries being consistently relevant as opposed to seeing contemporized ministry as something demonic.  Have we idolized our methods in the name of preserving the message?
-I really shouldn’t eat another bowl of cereal at 3am….yeah….there is probably a message about temptation in all of this….I wish this was as good for me as it tastes.
-If Jesus were in the flesh today, I wonder whether or not he would vote in this upcoming presidential election?  If so, I wonder who He’d vote for?   Tell ya, who He wouldn’t vote for…
-People kill me taking the Bible and using it as a justification for whatever it is that they want to do.  Curious how many people across the world read the Bible without studying it and tie themselves to ideologies that are not only wrong before God but also scripturally unsupported?  That’s scary…
-I don’t know if things will get better, but I believe they will.  Leaning on logic long enough might cause me fall into hopelessness and hatefulness.  Our efforts must be undergirded by our faith.  Everyone is so hurt and angry; more scared than what many of us want to let on.  This nation, and her citizens, are at a pivotal point in our history.   Where we go from here (and what we allow our circumstances to change us into) will have affect on this culture for generations to come.  Prayerfully, we change into one nation under God….
-Ok….just one more bowl……I wish this was as……aagghhh?…….who drank all of the milk?…….well played, God
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Derrick Holmes

Derrick Holmes is the Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Circleville, Ohio. He regularly attempts to think through intersections of religion, race, and culture. A closet introvert, Derrick presently resides in Columbus, Ohio where his quest for New York style pizza & knishes is ongoing. Follow him on Twitter @mrderrickholmes

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Posted on: July 14, 2016

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