Morning Meditations Nov. 7th, 2016 3:36 AM


-The woman on TV is attempting to sell me winter coat with electric heaters into the lining.  This idea is absolutely ridiculous.  I truly don’t know what is greater: the foolishness of this fashion fire hazard or the fact that I have yet to change the channel…

-It is the morning before Election Day in this country and I have mutual concern about the two major party candidates, as well as the Libertarian candidates.  It is sad that we exist in a reality where the most sensible candidate requires popularity in order to succeed in the polls and the least sensible candidate has a puncher’s chance of winning the White House purely based on popularity. If anything good has come from the circus that political discourse in this country has devolved into, it is that through all of the nominees, we have a vanity mirror’s view of where our country is and how far we have to go.

-I think that, as it relates to my people, the simplest way that we can begin to motivate the change we want to see around us is by boycotting any type of media that objectifies our women, criminalizes our men, and marginalizes us in front of our children.  People can create whatever they want to, I just think we have to love ourselves enough not to consume it.

-God’s church, as a whole, is going to have to do some serious rethinking as it relates to the way we do ministry.  There are those who are open to an introduction to Jesus through us, that we have unintentionally alienated in the name of loyalty to our doctrine. Could it be that there are so man  who miss the message of Jesus because we are unwilling to adjust our approach?

-$129.99, huh?   Thats not a bad price for coat.  I wonder what it is made of…

-If no one was able to make any money for creating Rap/Hip Hop music, I wonder if people would still do it?  Even deeper, what does it say about the culture if the answer is “no”?  Are people really doing it “for Hip Hop” anymore?

-Lil Wayne’s recent comments about the Black Lives Matter movement (and his assertion that Black life in this country is obviously valuable) make me feel like the prophet Amos talking to the nation of Israel.  I feel deeply led to caution my brother not to become at ease in his own, personal Zion while inviting him to look at the Lower Ninth Ward or the Calliope and see if they are better off than where he is.

-Whatever it is that someone chooses to believe, one’s theology ought to be solid enough to endure respectable critique while simultaneously flexible enough to evolve.  What we believe ought to have moments where its suggestions strain the security of our suppositions.

-Polyurethane??  I wonder if there is a warranty on this coat?   Like, if I burst into flames on the sidewalk, do I get my money back after I get out of the hospital?.   What am I saying??….wake up, Derrick! Its time to go back to sleep.  I really need to turn this off.  But the remote is on the other side of the room.  I guess for things to change, I’m going to have to move from where I’m at…man, that’s inconvenient….I guess I should figure out which means more to me: comfort or change?  Hey!….*yawn*….maybe in order for things…..*stretch*….we need to move….from where we are at….I wonder which means more to my people…..comfort….*yawn*…..or change….zzzzz

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Derrick Holmes

Derrick Holmes is the Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Circleville, Ohio. He regularly attempts to think through intersections of religion, race, and culture. A closet introvert, Derrick presently resides in Columbus, Ohio where his quest for New York style pizza & knishes is ongoing. Follow him on Twitter @mrderrickholmes

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Posted on: November 7, 2016

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