Morning Meditations Jan 20th, 2017 3:09 AM

– Man, I was sleeping so good just now.  Must have nodded off while reading. Why am I up?  Lord, why did you wake me?  I’m listening…

-In a few hours, Donald Trump will be elected as somebody’s new President.  He won’t be mine and I won’t be watching.  I think he is ok with that.

-Eddie Long passed away unexpectedly this past Sunday morning.  I was saddened by the news.  I pray for the people who are unable to understand the difference between mourning the loss of someone’s life and condoning what they may have done wrong in their life.  Lord, tear down all of the limits we have placed on love.

-All of the people of color Trump has paraded in front of the cameras in an attempt to appear interested in issues concerning them are nothing more than insulting indicators of how he views us.  For those people not to be able to see this (especially when those people presume to speak on our behalf) is a problem.

-The Church must not only be a place where declarations of the Divine can be heard but also a place where interrogations of the Divine can occur.  Jesus didn’t dismiss Thomas when he had questions & I think God is more open to questions than a lot of His churches are.

-Hating is not at an all time high, but hypersensitivity definitely is.  This is a cultural phenomena; the result of living in an anti-intellectual age…..seems like you can’t bear any principled critique about anything without being labeled a ‘hater’.  I feel like Im allowed to think about what you do, even if you didn’t.

-I understand that some people feel as if their participation in the inauguration is in an effort to bring our nation together. When it comes to working together, if your purpose doesn’t match their perspective, then your participation is actually pointless.

-Russell Westbrook not being named a starter in the NBA All-Star is absolutely ridiculous!!!  Absolutely. Ridiculous.

-I’m bothered that African Americans are forced to be resilient again…I’m tired of Black people having to deal with distress handed to us in the name of democracy….but on the verge of a very miserable moment in history, I am encouraged by the ability of our people to get through, and the consistency of a God who keeps on bringing us through.  Lord, help us not to hand over our hope to our hardships.  Our mission is clear, our objective has not changed: “…Liberty and justice for all”.  May our trust rest in You, O God, Amen.

Wait….what??….Clarence Thomas?….on Reagan’s what???  Aight, man!  Im going to bed and try to sleep till Saturday.

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Derrick Holmes

Derrick Holmes is the Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Circleville, Ohio. He regularly attempts to think through intersections of religion, race, and culture. A closet introvert, Derrick presently resides in Columbus, Ohio where his quest for New York style pizza & knishes is ongoing. Follow him on Twitter @mrderrickholmes

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Posted on: January 20, 2017

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