Month: July 2017

Morning Meditations-July 1st, 2017 346 am

-This new Jay-Z Album is fresh!  I love how great music is dropping unexpectedly again like it did back when I was a child.  I also love how the collective consciousness of our community is elevating & that elevation is reflective in so much of the artistic expression out right now.

-Don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but there is a black owned professional basketball league that shows games on TV. …yeah… Black Owned. Professional Basketball League. We need to support this.  I wonder if they sell jerseys?

-Have we gotten to the point where we can claim “Christian” as a belief without the accountability to look & live like Christ?  Maybe, we always have and I’m just angrier about it now.

-I mean, Jay out here giving financial advice on wax.  I LOVE the idea of Black wealth/Black empowerment being something that is stylish and cool.

-Who knew that the path to the Divine would be through discriminating who I distribute desserts to?  Here I am concerned about righteousness and equity when all I really needed was pastries!   SMH!

-I’m not the boss of your ignorance.  I would just prefer that you keep it to yourself and not put Jesus’ name on it

-Not for nothing, but I am not doing ANYTHING celebratory for the 4th of July. The present state of the union has me feeling very unpatriotic lately. I am deeply disappointed by what is going on in D.C.  In terms of politics, the past six months, have been like watching “The Sopranos Take Washington” or something.

-A few days back, I watched a prominent pastor publicly step down from the pastorate in order to get his personal life in order.  I liken this level of transparency to what Jay-Z is deploying by not so indirectly discussing his marriage faux pas publicly on the title track.  I think there is a healthy balance between privacy and accountability.  Respect them both for this.  Still not calling another man JeHOVah

-People should really stop acting like getting angry about the injustices in our communities is somehow wrong.  To use my indignation to inherently indict my belief in Jesus is insane!  I ascribe to a religion that is bigger than an inclination towards repressive respectability.  Just because I’m angry at what I see does not mean that I don’t have a serious relationship with God.  It is the seriousness of my relationship with God that causes me to be angry at what I see…because I think God is angry too

-I mean…I genuinely thought there wouldn’t be another album of Jay-Z’s better than “The Black Album” and this is killing that!!  Im not as high on Jay-Z as most are (at all), but I really like this album…is that allowed?… I a hater, now?….who came up with all of these rules anyway?…darn kids!!  Man listen, lemme go back to sleep before I start sounding like a Jay-Z fan or something….zzzzzz

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