Morning Meditations

Morning Meditations May 22, 2016-3:27am

urban rhythms & dreams of paradise

-I wonder what happened to the Hip Hop music that used to have DJ’s scratching over the beat.  I miss that scratch like my back is itching….DJ’ing needs to come back to the mainstream like yesterday.

-My people spend a lot of money with entities that don’t have their best interest and demonstrate this lack of concern regularly. Perhaps, a major component to our liberation is ceasing to financially supporting our oppression.  Dr. King talked about this in the 60’s all of the time.  I wonder why those speeches are never played when we celebrate his birthday….

-In 2020, African American pioneers Harriet Tubman & Marian Anderson will be featured on the back of the $20 bill,  with Sojourner Truth’s face gracing the back of the $10 bill.  While its clear to me that these landmarks are not the cure for the ills that plagues our nation, I think this is a significant step for this country.  For women of color to be placed on American currency (given the longstanding history of racism and sexism in his country) is important.  I pray that we, as both culture and community, aren’t too militant, too conscious, too radical, or too spiritual to acknowledge it.

-Maybe our society would benefit from a more expansive view of what it means to be diverse.  What happens when “diversity” is only seen as a different ethnicities occupying the same space at the same time instead of the values and ideas of those ethnicities being allowed to share space simultaneously?

-When did academic training and study start being seen as so ungodly by so many “Godly people”?  I’m pretty sure my Bible says something about studying “to show yourself approved”.  Perhaps part of the problem is a lot of us are encouraged to study what we already think we know instead of looking to enhance what we know with what we may not.

-The Bible declares that “a house divided against itself cannot stand” (Mark 3:25).  I wonder how long our people will continue to harbor distrust for each other.  Prayerfully, we get it right before we fall.  What a nightmare…im going back to sleep.

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